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The Egyptian Museum of Turin is leading an amazing project of renovation, the completion of which will be in the early months of 2015. Despite the ongoing works, the museum is always open. Since August 2013 there is also a new exhibition project entitled "IMMORTAL, the Art and Knowledge of the ancient Egyptians".

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"IMMORTALS": a new route of visit.

The oldest Egyptian museum in the world is renewing itself. The first milestone was completed with the opening of the new lower level and the launch of "IMMORTALS, the Art and Knowledge of the ancient Egyptians" a temporary exhibition highlighting about 1500 artefacts chosen among the most representative of the Turin Egyptian collection.

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A Defibrillator at the Egyptian Museum.

Abroad, defibrillators are as common as fire extinguishers. They are found everywhere, in shopping centers, airports, sports facilities, and museums. In Italy this good practice is still not widespread. The objective of “Viva! La Settimana della Rianimazione Cardio-Polmonare" (Long Live! Cardiopulmonary Reanimation Week) is therefore to familiarize the population with some simple first aid actions that can save a life while waiting for the doctor.
Since the Egyptian Museum has been recognized as a symbolic place in Turin and draws over 500,000 visitors every year, on October 19 the Associazione San Luigi Gonzaga Onlus presented it with a semiautomatic defibrillator. This valuable gift, endowed with high social significance, will align the security standards of the most beloved of the Turin museums with those of major museums in the world.

GOOGLEGLASS4LIS: an Accessibility Project.

The Egyptian Museum introduces GOOGLEGLASS4LIS (see the video), a project meant to make the collections fully accessible to deaf people by employing a last-generation device capable of translating what other visitors read in the captions into the Italian Sign Language (LIS).
The project was developed in collaboration with Rokivo Inc. and Vidiemme Consulting. It also benefited from the results achieved by the ATLAS Project of the Polytechnic of Turin, which developed a technological platform using complex algorithms to translate Italian into the Italian Sign Language. The objective is to make this technology available to the public when the new Egyptian Museum of Turin is inaugurated in 2015.



The Egyptian Museum joins the Ministry of Culture's (MiBAC) initiative and allows free entrance to those who visit the Egyptian Museum on their birthday. The celebrating visitor who has only to show a document which confirms his/her date of birth.

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